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Top reasons to consign with Posh Baby!

I’m obviously biased, but if you are wondering why you should consign, here are my top reasons:

1) MAKE MONEY!!!  Our consignors usually earn $200-300 per sale!  Why hold onto those things your kids no longer need, want, fit into, etc.?? Unburden yourself and sell them with us!  It will feel SOOOO good.  We all know that kids ain’t cheap!  With Posh, you’ll make more than you would hosting your own garage sale or consigning at a consignment store.  Our consignors earn a generous sales percentage and can earn even more by volunteering for the sale!  Make some money back, clear out the clutter, support local moms and businesses and charities!  What are you waiting for?   

2)It’s EASY and CONVENIENT!  I’m a busy, working mom of 3 and I am all about saving time.  I do not have the time or patience to take pictures of what I want to sell, post it to Craigslist or 20 million Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups, keep track of replies, bump the posts, deal with people trying to haggle on price, deal with no-shows, etc.  Consigning with Posh allows you to sell ALL your things all at once, at ONE location!  Easy-peasy.  You register online, enter your inventory and prepare it, then drop it off to us!  We do the rest, and bring in hundreds and hundreds of shoppers eager to buy YOUR things!  

3) It’s SAFE.  Let’s face it-there is some scary stuff out there.  Consigning with Posh is safe.  You don’t have to worry about meeting with strangers or allowing someone you don’t know to come to your home.  Be smart.  Stay Safe.  Consign Posh.  

4) You are supporting your local community and local moms-moms just like YOU!  I love the fact that our event allows families in our area to make money from the things they no longer need and provides a means for families who do need items to buy quality things at an excellent price.  And the money earned stays right here in Hampton Roads and is spent in Hampton Roads.  In addition, items that aren’t sold and are donated make a real difference to local charities we support, like CHKD, the Crisis Pregnancy Center, ForKids, the Disabled Vets, and Blankets for the Homeless.  Share the love and 

5) It’s FUN!!!  For real.  You will meet other local moms, serve your community, make some money…  You might even meet THE ONE!  Your one true mom BFF!  I met mine 8 years ago consigning.  True story.  Join us today!  Do it!      


Still not convinced? Email us at or give us a call.  We’ll make a believer out of you!

Posted May 16, 2015 in: Uncategorized by Lauren Jargowsky